Dr. Suzanne Olesko, Counseling


Practice Name Suzanne-Olesko
Education Licensed Counselor | Registered Nurse
Specialties Counseling | Energy Medicine | | |
Conditions Abdominal Pain | ADHD/ADD | Chronic Pain | Diabetes: Type I | Hypothyroidism | Migraine
Language English
Experience 11
About Me

Hello! I have been a Registered Nurse for 11 years, practicing in various clinical areas and locations across the United States. I am also a Clinical Counselor, licensed for 5 years and practicing primarily in a community mental health setting. I enjoy both careers but starting about 2 years ago I began to develop a strong interest in the role energy plays in illness and wellness. I studied and read as much as I could but still felt like something was missing. I came across Reiki and found a Reiki Master in my area. I began talking to him and decided to start studying Reiki. I have now been practicing Reiki for a year and a half and will be obtaining my Reiki Master certification in one week! I focus my Reiki practice on energy and wellness, most especially promoting wellness in the face of physical and mental illnesses. I also practice distance Reiki, where I am able to administer a Reiki treatment to anyone in any location.

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