Yogah l arte Dello yoga,
Viale Lino Zanussi 6/M 33170 Pordenone Italy
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Total years in practice: 20

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Yogah L’ Arte dello Yoga
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Yogah l arte Dello yoga,
Anxiety Disorders | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Depression | Muscloskeletal Pain
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Our aim was to found a school where you can learn the fundamental principles of Yoga in a welcoming and silent space, where you can dedicate yourself to your evolution, developing the awareness of being part of a Whole with which you choose to live harmoniously every day of your life . It is our desire to share our path and inspire other human beings to live the principles of Yoga in everyday life.

We chose an initial "physical" approach because it was more easily accessible to us Westerners. The deep work of purification of Yoga practices will produce a calm nervous system and a serene mind, a clearer perception will ensue, thanks to which you will become aware of being body mind and Spirit and you will be gradually ready to deepen your practice.

YOGAH is an integral method of Yoga practice that has its roots in the millenary tradition in harmony with the most recent scientific discoveries. Yogah is the result of our experience, study and love for Yoga that we offer in a variety of courses suitable for all age groups and for beginner and expert students. Our School together with the Yogah Method offers Bikram Yoga lessons renowned all over the world that we have been divulging in Italy with great success since 2002.

Exercising the body in different ways constantly refines the connection Body Mind Spirit. We offer you the opportunity to choose to attend any lesson with a single subscription with the common goal of your maximum well-being . We will be happy to show you the  YOGAH INTEGRAL METHOD 7 + 1 by  assisting you to choose the right lesson for you or the path that best suits your needs. 

Every Body is Different, Every Day is Different, Every Unique Experience.

Nicola is highly appreciated for his “strong” lessons as the students say, that is for that determination, that firmness with which he drives and for the passion he puts into correcting when someone is perhaps not perfectly aligned or a little distracted managing to transmit through what he says, what he does and how he looks, the infinite love he has for this practice.

Many nickname him " the Master " and seek from him advice, help, teachings, which he always gives with a smile and with a great enthusiasm towards everything and everyone.

In his lessons the enthusiasm, the tenacity and the determination emerge and the considerations on the improvements can only be made at the end under a nice post-practice shower.

It is a good example of someone who has made passion their job!

Hello! My name is Nicola De Simone, I was born in Pordenone and I started practicing Yoga in the late 90s under the guidance of my first master Chokaè Kalecoa Maurice Davis Lee in turn for over twenty years student of Bikram Choudhury and who introduced me to the teachings of my beloved Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda.

I started teaching in 2002, I became a Bikram Yoga instructor in 2004 and since then I have never stopped teaching. Despite the very hard work that I realized I had to do, Yoga was love at first sight . In those years I was in Los Angeles, California, where I played loud music, I smoked several cigarettes and my body despite being a little over thirty was far from radiant. Three, four times a year my back would get stuck, headaches, gastritis and cervical stiffness were daily.

Today the attempts to meditate with screaming knees, the mind that did not want to keep silent and the hard Bikram Yoga lessons at six in the morning are something that I remember with the joy of those who know that you can face and solve anything!

Since 1998 I am a Kriyaban of the Self Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. I graduated from the RYE in Venice for teaching children and teenagers.

I am a certified trainer of the Oneness University of Chennay (India) .

I keep myself constantly informed by taking courses with the best Italian and International teachers.

I love teaching Pranayama techniques and meditation that I practice daily. Together with Gabriella I created " The power of breathing for the awakening of the self " an in-depth workshop on breathing techniques that we teach in various Italian cities and which is already a weekly appointment in our school and will become a training course.

In 1991 I graduated in percussion at the "Musician Institute" in Los Angeles and thanks to this experience I use Tibetan bells and other instruments as means to create a deep relaxation and energetic rebalancing.

In 2015 with my wife Gabriella we created Yogah L'arte delloYoga.

In 2016 we started restoring our knowledge by giving birth to the Teacher Training recognized Yoga Alliance Italy / International: Yogah Teacher Training 350 hours - Yogah Kids 100 hours - Yogah Pregnancy 100 hours Yogah Therapy 200 hours and Yogah 400 which includes Therapy Kids and Pregnancy . 


Yogah The art of yoga expresses the rhythm of life itself is the dance of the body that merges with the breath following the natural movement of Mother Earth and the Sun.

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