Mrs. Tea Mckernan, Yoga

58 Jacksonia Place, Noosaville Noosa, QLD, Australia

 Years of experience  10

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Practice Name Tea Mckernan
Specialties Yoga
Conditions Women's Health And Pregnancy
Language English
Experience 10
About Me Tea here to introduce myself to you all. I am an artist and yoga teacher, travelling around the world, photographing, filming and teaching yoga. I trained with the fabulous Shiva Rea and Erich Shiffman in Venice Beach Los Angeles, and qualified in Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I have to say, I enjoyed swimming in the sea and filming the talented surfers in action as much as I enjoyed the course! I am inspired by nature and am happiest teaching outside under a tree, looking at the sky, the sea, breathing in the fresh air and hearing the sounds of the birds around me. Offering that nurturing space for my students to enjoy is what I am about. My teaching style has been informed by working with dancers for many years, and incorporating yoga and ballet together. As I worked with my mum's to be, I realised how effective these stretches were, especially circular and spiraling movements and began to develop a style that is designed with female bodies in mind. These days I am back in natural surroundings, my happy place and combine my two passions, yoga and art, teaching classes, courses and retreats which are a fun, effective, soulful healing journey. Want to know more? Check out my other pages for more details. Have a look at my free live streaming at [email protected] to catch some live classes and experience the start of your healing creative journey. If you are ready to say yes to your abundant creative selves, click on the call to action button and book your class or course. Namaste creative yogis

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