Nicola Watson, MA , RPP , RYT
Ayurveda , Craniosacral therapy + 10
New York, New York, United States
Years of experience 12

Total years in practice: 12

Practice Name
nic watson
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Nicola Watson, MA , RPP , RYT
Master of arts
Ayurveda | Craniosacral therapy | Energy Medicine | Exercise | Lifestyle Medicine | Meditation | Nutrition | Yoga | Breathwork | Diet Therapy
Abdominal Bloating | Anxiety Disorders | Arthritis | Autoimmune Disease | Chronic Pain | Corporate Wellness | Depression | Digestive Health | Energy | Gastrointestinal | Healthy Aging | Immunity | Inflammation | Menopause | Sleep Disorders | Stress | Weight Problems
About me

I am An Evolution Assistant.Passionate and purposeful in creating health for myself and others .

I lead people through online transformational journeys that use Yoga and Ayurvedic teachings to address thought patterns and daily habits.

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I can support you with my skill in intuitive listening - something that has been cultivated through my 12 year meditation practice and 5 year masters degree in Polarity Energy Medicine. Polarity is a modality that supports others to find health through the mental, spiritual and physical body. It includes nutrition work and bodywork and blends the esoteric with the physiological .

I am extremely passionate about my work and am a lifelong student of my own well-being.

I believe that people are beautiful alchemists that can create lives of meaning, balance and health. My purpose is to  help support  with the knowledge of Ayurveda, Energy Medicine and Tantric Teachings.

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