Julie Daniels
4239 Tujunga Ave., #9 Studio City, CA 91604
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Julie Daniels
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I love yoga. In 2003, I stepped on to my first mat and never looked back. I found through the breathing and stretching, that my body and spirit were experiencing a profound transition: an opening to greater physical agility, inner awareness and a joy filled peace. It is the connection; the yoking, of body, mind and spirit, that makes yoga such a powerful practice on many levels. I have studied many styles of yoga which include, Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar and Ashtanga. I’ve studied with Mark Whitwell, (The Yoga of Krishnamacharya), Larry Payne, (Yoga for Midlife), Peggy Cappy, (Yoga for Seniors) Chinnamasta Styles, (Yoga and Ayurveda). And Hala Khouri, (The Yoga of healing from Trauma). My own style of teaching is a gentle and inclusive practice that speaks to my student’s specific needs. I incorporate deep stretching, pranayama (breath work) strength and balance. I am also a huge believer in relaxation and meditation. Starting my classes with a bit of yoga philosophy and quotes from a chosen poet centers and grounds my students in an intention of gratitude and creative possibility. Yoga has been there for me in all areas of my life. It has soothed and healed me from enormous loss and grief and taught me the true definition of self- care. It has also given me confidence in my body’s ability to rise to new challenges, go deeper in meditation and take this profound and compassionate learning off the mat and into my daily life. I earned my 200 hour certification from Loyola Marymount’s Yoga and the Healing Sciences Teacher Training program. I am additionally certified to teach Senior Citizens, under Peggy Cappy’s “Yoga for the Rest of Us and earned my M.F.A. in Creative writing, from Goddard College. With a joyful and open heart, I invite you to come to my classes and discover your own practice… one that serves your body, mind and spirit, on and off the mat. Namaste. Julie Daniels.

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