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Dory Walker
Anxiety Disorders | Stress
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Dory Walker (co-founder) Dory has experienced the true spirit of yoga as transformational practice. She believes in the power of yoga to guide conscious evolution, individually and collectively. Certified to advanced level and teaching full time since 2001, Dory has trained with various yoga schools, amongst them Sivananda (traditional hatha Yoga), Satyananda (yoga nidra and meditation), Krishnamacharya (Vedic Chant) and Dona Holleman (enlightened asana work), as well as studying Yoga with the Biomedical Trust. Dory teaches retreats and teacher training programmes internationally. Through her own practice Dory has discovered that regular practice promotes effective, positive and healthy living and is inspired to help others establish a strong practise in their own lives. She believes strongly in making the yoga (union) adventure joyful, keeping it light and remembering to laugh! Dory teaches classes, courses and private tuition around Bristol, the South West and London. She is a dedicated yogini and mother. Rory Viggers (co-founder) "The breath is at the heart of practice. A good posture is when we can breathe well." Rory is one of Bristols most popular teachers. He has a breadth and wealth of experience, inspired by many systems of hatha yoga, martial arts and radical minds. His extensive and ongoing study with one of the worlds leading and much revered asana teachers, Dona Holleman, continues to elevate and deeply enrich his practice, knowledge and teaching. His in-depth classes seek to reconnect and harmonise body, mind and spirit. The foundation of his philosophy and teaching is rooted in awareness, breath, and an understanding of the physical and subtle bodies. He is passionate about yoga asana in terms of approach, application, technique, form and essence. His classes deliver a deep and strong practise, and can seamlessly accommodate both those newer to yoga through to more long term practitioners and teachers. Rory believes we all have the capacity to find our still point, calm zone and true center, whenever we desire. The aim of his classes is to navigate you there. Rory co-runs Bristol based yoga center Yogakutir with his partner Dory Walker.

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