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Education B.S in food and nutrition science; RD | Minor in Psychology
Specialties | | | Meditation | | | Nutrition | | |
Conditions Abdominal Bloating | Chest Pain | Depression | Diabetes: Type II | Tooth Pain | Women's Health And Pregnancy
Language English | Spanish
Experience 4
About Me Background: I started my studies in Business, thinking knowing business is the key to understanding how the world works but as my studies progressed and I became more in touch with my self, i developed an overwhelming passion for nutrition, health and natural beauty. After finishing my associates in Business, i continued my education in Food and and nutrition. During my undergrad, i also developed an obsession with psychology and how the mind works ( in connection with eating habits in particular) and I ended up graduating with a B.S in Food and Nutrition Science and minor in psychology. After graduating in 2012, I worked as a Dietitian in Nursing homes/ long term care and started my dietetic internship for 1 year in a community hospital in New Jersey. After completing my internship, I traveled to South America to explore and understand the eating habits , agriculture and gastronomy of different cultures . I am currently a Registered Dietitian (RDN) who works at a local high acuity hospital helping patients and their families begin the process of healing and assist in the management of their chronic illness or medical conditions with the understanding of disease/diet and nutrition. I also communicate with other health care professionals to provide knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health.
What I beleive:
Unlike other Dietitians in my field, my view on nutrition comes from a more intuitive way of thinking and living. I am a big promoter of MINDFUL EATING. Mindful Eating guides people to manage their eating without diets, deprivation, or guilt so they can live the full, vibrant life they desire. I believe there is a space for meat, and sweets in your plate and with the help of my guidance we can explore the best way for you and your individual needs to become healthier in your eating, to loose weight or even gain weight. Please message me if any questions

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