Veronica Wilmer
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InTune Personalized Wellness Solutions
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Veronica Wilmer
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Abdominal Pain | Autoimmune Disease | Constipation | Diabetes: Type II | Gout | Hashimoto's Thyroiditis | Skin Diseases | Uterine Diseases | Weight Problems
About me

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I am a firm believer in health and healing by investigating the root cause of disease. With a Graduate Certification in Health Coaching and a Masters in Health Education (Holistic Nutrition Specialization), I am able to help the individuals that I coach to understand the connection between diet, lifestyle, and diseases.

My primary focus is uncovering the contributing factors to mood disorders, gut irregularities, and immune system imbalances.

In speaking to individuals and large groups, I focus on promoting a diet that is low in processed foods and high in nutrient dense whole foods. There is an emphasis on fiber, healthy fats and quality proteins.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science (Dietetics Concentration), a Masters of Arts degree in Health Education (Holistic Nutrition Specialization), and a Graduate Certificate in Health Coaching, I am passionate about taking a natural, whole food and lifestyle reset approach to managing many of today's chronic illnesses. 

For the past eight years, I have been  educating individuals and groups on the concept that real food is medicine, and how food like substances are often the root cause for many chronic illnesses.


Her specialties focus on developing nutrition and lifestyle action plans to help manage symptoms of poor digestion, weight management, blood sugar imbalances, autoimmune, mood and mental health.  Through the use of specialized testing from urine, saliva and stool, personalized wellness solutions and root causes to current health issues can be identified.


Many disorders in modern life can be managed through lifestyle changes, where as the conventional medical model  primarily focuses on addressing symptoms through the use of medications and procedures.  Veronica's focus lies in digging deep to uncover root causes while utilizing nutrition to support the body throughout the healing process.


Counseling sessions with Veronica are client driven where strategies are co-created, with health education playing a major role.  Many weight-loss programs set their client's up for failure with their low fat, low calorie, high refined carbohydrate meals and snacks.  But if you think about it, what better way to create a lifelong client! 

Areas of Focus

Weight Re-Balancing & Management

Immune & Auto Immune Support

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Management

Mental Health & Mood Stabilization

Food Allergies & Intolerance

 Meal Planning & Cupboard Clean-out & Food Shopping Tour

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