Salustino Z wong
Traditional Chinese Medicine
2 Case Studies
Lisbon, Portugal
Years of experience 11

Total years in practice: 11

Practice Name
Jing Fang Portugal
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Salustino Z wong
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Back Pain | Urinary Tract Infection
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Jing Fang Teaching Disclosure - Prescription of Classical Formulas. I teach Jing Fang Course  for Chinese Medicine Specialists

Publications, Awards & Professional Presentations:


  “Clinical Application of Motional Moxibustion in the Treatment of Lumbar Vertebral Diseases”, published and presented at the International Forum of Chinese Traditional Medicine in Nanjing, China, November 2, 2002. 


 Received 3rd prize nationally in the university level wushu competition, in the modality of taijiquan, China 2001.


Received 2nd prize in the Jiangsu provincial competition of taijiquan, 1999.  "Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine , subtancies and  diets" published and presented in the First Forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Havana China Town , Havana , Cuba,  1995.


 “Effects of the Massotherapy in Psychophysiological  Disorders”, scientific paper presented in XII Scientific Conference of the Medical Neurological Investigation Center, Havana, Cuba, 1995.


   “Acupuncture Applications in Psychiatric Disorders”  scientific paper presented at the International Conference of Psycho – Havana ’94, Havana, Cuba, October, 1994. “Treatment to Preserve Medicinal Juice”  scientific paper presented in XII Scientific Journal at Mental Health Center, Havana, August, 1994.

It was presented again and distinguished at IX Science and Technical Forum, Havana, October, 1994.


“The Averse Treatment with Cephaelis Ipecacuana Compound” Scientific paper presented at VII Science and Technical Forum.  It was distinguished.  Havana, October, 1993.

It was presented again at the International Congress Forense ’93, Havana, Cuba, 1993.


  Member of the Association for the studies of I Jing  at University of Nanjing, Nanjing, China.


  Member of the Association for the studies of  Taijiquan (太极拳)of the Jiangsu Province, China.


 Member of the Wushu Association of Nanjing


  Specialist  in the treatment with classics formulas, following the jingfang (经方) school of shanghanlun(伤寒论). 


  International Division Chief Nanjing南京 Hong chuan Chen Style Taijiquan.

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