Ursula Peer, MBA
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

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Detox mallorca la lemonsita
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Ursula Peer, MBA
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Energy | Food Allergies
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Ursula Peer, MBA, Austrian

who has a background in business and sports science left the corporate world to focus on the correlation of nutrition and health after her own personal experience of healing with a Traditional Chinese Medicine diet.

Her acclaimed detox retreats attract clients from all over the world.

She successfully runs detox retreats, workshops and cooking classes in Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Mallorca and Formentera teaching how to take on responsibility for one’s health and well-being.

Ursula focuses on creating delicious, healthy and balanced seasonal dishes, always finding the right one for every friend and occasion, that's why her friends call her the alchemist.​

My Chinese Medicine journey  started about 25 years ago.

Traditional Chinese Medicine literally saved me from surgery.

One day  - after five weeks in hospital - I sneaked out of the clinic in a quiet moment to see a TCM doctor.

I was desperately looking for a solution that did not involve surgery and found it in a TCM doctor´s practice where I experienced a  famous life changing moment.

I was experiencing the amazing wisdom of ancient Chinese Medicine first hand.

I left the hospital at my own risk and started my healing journey with TCM.

Not only did I regain my health in the most natural way in a few weeks, but was also back doing my sport again soon after.

That's when I started learning about the power of the right food at the right time.

I very clearly remember the moment when I realized that having a warm, cooked breakfast was actually not a luxury but a bare necessity (which I did not fancy at all at first.I was so inspired, so over the next years I got a degree as a TCM nutritionist, followed by kinesiology, herbal and other TCM formations.

10 years ago my detox formula started to take shape.

I did not want my retreat guests to simply feel "better" by the end of a retreat, my wish was for everybody to have extraordinary energy and feel AMAZING after 7 days.

That's when I realized that it needed radical change in order to achieve extraordinary results.I began to analyze and incorporate modern nutritional science which was compatible with Chinese medicine and started achieving the most amazing 


In my work I combine Chinese Medicine with multiple manual therapies and life changing movement classes offered by my wonderful expert partners so you can feel extraordinary energy.


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