Tara Tippett
Acupressure , Aromatherapy + 3
golden, Colorado, United States
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Tara Tippett
Acupressure | Aromatherapy | Energy Medicine
About me

Holistic Doula Birth, Postpartum, and Dying services.Blessing ways , Placental readings, and Family Birth classes , Soul Retrieval Journey Healing Services for both Birthing, Living and Dying transitions, and other areas of healing. Community herbalist and Herbal workshops, tinctures, salves and teas

Animal acupressure , large and small pets and ranch , Animal Acupressure charts , Practicing acupressure is to restore, replenish, and maintain the natural harmony and balance needed in animal and human bodies to create optimal health and well-being. Conventional western and eastern medicines’ scientific studies and clinical observation have proven that acupressure can: Relieve muscle spasms Build the immune system Benefit chronic health issues Strengthen muscles, tendons, joints, and bones Balance energy to optimize the body’s natural ability to heal Release natural cortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation Release endorphins necessary to increase energy or relieve pain Enhance mental clarity and calm required for focus in training and performance Resolve injuries more readily by increasing the blood supply and removing toxins.

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