Sunni Madrid
Castle Rock, Colorado, United States
Years of experience 36

Total years in practice: 36

Practice Name
Colorado Institute of Regenerative health; sunni New Direction
Practitioner Name
Sunni Madrid
Epilepsy | Gastritis | Migraine | Sleep Disorders
About me

RN and Professional Certified Coach Specializing in Healthy Aging and Life Coaching.

During her three decades as a nurse she developed a deep sense of compassion and intuition. She observed her assignments grow larger while resources became smaller. She was practicing dis-ease management vs. utilizing new approaches to health and wellness that would help guide patients to wholeness.  She believes the current method of taking care of patients isn’t making people feel well, live longer or have a quality of life.
I am human just like you and live in the constraints of everyday life, yet I stepped out of the “system” to change lives dramatically in a non-traditional manner as a RN, BioTE Certified Practitioner and Life Coach with a focus on Healthy-Aging, viewing the person as whole; physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

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