Shirley Reischman
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Years of experience 33

Total years in practice: 33

Practice Name
Shirley A Reischman, LLC
Practitioner Name
Shirley Reischman
Abdominal Bloating | Acne | ADHD/ADD | Allergies | Anemia | Arthritis | Autoimmune Disease | Burns | Depression | Gout | Heartburn | Hives | Indigestion | Infertility | Insomnia | Menopause | Menstrual Bleeding (Heavy)
About me


 am a member of The Ohio State
Homeopathic Medical Society and a practitioner member of The National I am
trained in classical Kentian homeopathy with over 1,000 hours of individual
instruction from G. Kent Smith, MD, of Huntington Beach, CA. Dr. Smith’s
father, Dwight Smith, MD,   was a
personal student of James Tyler Kent, MD, compiler of Kent’s Repertory and the
developer of the high potency method of constitutional homeopathy.


In addition, I have attended numerous seminars and workshops with other
well known homeopaths, including Rajan Sankaran, Richard Moskowitz, Jacquelyn
Wilson, Asa Hershoff, Lia Bello, Steven Messer, Jonathan Shore, Will Taylor,
Andre Saine, Nandita Shah, William Shevin, Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, Robert
Ullman and Bill Gray.


I have additional classroom work from the California State Homeopathic
Medical Society, the International Foundation for Homeopathy, and the Advanced
Practice course from Johns Hopkins.


Other:  I am the founder of the Orange County,
California Homeopathic Study Group and the current study group leader for the
Cincinnati, Ohio National Center for Homeopathy Study group.

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