Anna Herby
Seattle, Washington, United States
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Total years in practice: 1

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Nourishing Journey Nutrition
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Anna Herby
Registered Dietitian
Cervical Spondylosis | Glaucoma | High Cholesterol | Nausea
About me

In 2010, I left behind a life in the arts and humanities to embark on an adventure of a whole new kind - nutrition! As a graduate of Bastyr University, I have a Masters of Science in Nutrition and currently work as a Registered Dietitian in the Seattle area. My passion for nutrition stems from the knowledge that our food choices are a part of something much bigger than the individual. By eating colorful, whole foods, we connect to the earth in a way that is innately human.

I have several years' experience working with patients in a variety of settings, from being a student clinician at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle, Washington, to working as an intern at Frank. R. Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits, California. I was also honored to have the opportunity to spend 10 days as an intern at the McDougall 10-day program and a month working with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine on a preventative, public health level.

I specialize in plant-based diets as they relate to preventing and reversing chronic disease. In this way, I help people make sustainable lifestyle changes without the need for counting calories or measuring serving sizes. If you're interested in learning how food can help you heal, I would love to talk with you!

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