Dr. Ya-ling Liou, Chiropractic

Seattle, Washington, United States, 98165

 Years of experience  23

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Practice Name Return to Health, P.S.
Specialties Chiropractic
Conditions Autoimmune Disease | Heartburn | Kidney Stones
Language English
Experience 23
About Me

Doctor Liou is the author of Every Body's Guide to Everyday Pain

This book is a reflection of her intuitive style of practice wherein
which she addresses the whole person while guiding each patient out of
pain and towards better balance. This highly individualized approach is
the result of a keen synthesis of over 20 years of clinical experience.

Doctor Liou began her professional work in 1994 after completing coursework and clinical internship with New York Chiropractic College.

Ongoing continuing education has been in the areas of chiropractic
rehabilitation, nutrition and soft tissue techniques such as
craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. Her background is in
diversified chiropractic technique and includes study in the theories of
Applied Kinesiology, Activator Methods, and certification in Gonstead
technique. In her current practice not any one of these skills are
applied to the exclusion of the others. The work that patients receive
is a sophisticated blend unique to the needs of each patient and
formulated by a precise and intuitive synthesis of Dr. Liou's complete
clinical experience.

Since arriving in Seattle in 1998 Dr. Liou has been a faculty member
at Ashmead College (formerly Seattle Massage School and newly Everest
College) where she taught Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology. She has
most recently served as an adjunct faculty member with Bastyr
University's Physical Medicine Department.

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