Siri-gian Khalsa
Energy Medicine
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

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Siri-gian Khalsa
Energy Medicine
Sleep Disorders
About me

Hope you have known by now that helping people to connect them with their own wonderful souls (or their God-self) is my first love. It will be hard for you to imagine how extremely satisfying it is to see so many people getting relieved from their difficulties; shining brightly in the light of their own soul and having such wonderful recognition of who they actually are and how to create a real happy life for themselves!

People often ask me about my healing abilities or how I learned it! To be truthful, it was Jesus who taught me everything. Jesus as the sacred heart appeared to me in the year 1975 and told me that I was a healer. I was actually unaware of the entire thing but it was Him who taught me the method of creating the healing energy from my heart by using my breath and how to spread t among others. I was told to practice the technique regularly and within a few months, I came across a similar exercise in the Kundalini Yoga manual taught by Yogi Bhajan. In January 1976 (few months after my experience with Jesus) I came across Kundalini Yoga and I felt that I was being attracted towards my Yoga class every evening. Yogi Bhajan was the person who introduced the powerful yogic technologies to the Western world and he became my spiritual teacher. Though he left his mortal body in 2004, he continues to guide me in my attempts at healing and helping more people every day.

The year 1975 was eventful for me as I was blessed to ‘hear’ the amazing monologs of Truth. I was told that it will be my task to repeat what I heard to others in the coming days. I was not very positive about that and thought that people will throw me in the looney bin if I really try to tell them all I ‘hear’ about Truth. Actually, I had felt the same when I came to know myself as a healer!

1991 was the year that changed everything in my life and I began to love the sacred tasks which were bestowed upon me. I no longer hesitate to tell what I feel and experience and right now, I am telling my readers about my experiences over the internet (which is not at all a restricted or personal space!). My basic target is to encourage you to accept the spiritual experiences in your lives and not to feel awkward about them. The world has progressed enormously and it is Ok to cherish your own spiritual experiences!

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