Melinda Phoenix
Acupuncture , Massage Therapy + 4
Santa Cruz, California, United States
Years of experience 4

Total years in practice: 4

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East-West Collaborative Health
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Melinda Phoenix
masters of TCM
Acupuncture | Massage Therapy | Qigong | Integrative Medicine
Allergies | Alzheimer’s Disease | Cancer Care | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

My degrees are a Licensed Acupuncturist and Primary Care Provider. I started in the western medicine field and was dismayed by the quality of care patients were receiving (lack of time from the providers, treatment plans, etc). When I switched to eastern medicine I saw a whole new paradigm of medicine open up--one that took time for patients.

This has inspired me to provide integrative medicine to my patients, from a foundation of time and close care with them. 

I utilize many modalities from both eastern and Western medicine. My most recent integration is with the Bio-Photonic Scanner, which tests the nutritional health of my patients. This device gives a biomarker that my patients can measure each month which helps them on their path to health, by creating lasting lifestyle changes.

This measuring device has greatly improved my practice, my patients health and my vision to heal the healthcare system at large. 


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