Mrs. Jeaanine Rashidi, Ayurveda


Practice Name Goodbye Tension
Education Assessment Pulse Diagnosis | Ayurvedic Dr. Apprentice | Ayurvedic Formulation Making | Ayurvedic Practitioner | Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor | Certified Massage Therapist | Certified PUSH Therapist | Certified SEVA Instructor | Jyotisha Astrology | PanchaKarma Technition | PSYCH K Facilitator | Yamuna Table Treatments
Specialties Ayurveda | | | | Functional Medicine | Herbal Therapy | | Meditation | | | Nutrition | | | | | |
Conditions Abdominal Bloating | Abdominal Pain | Acidity | Acne | ADHD/ADD | Autoimmune Disease | Celiac Disease | Chronic Kidney Disease | Cough | Epilepsy | Erectile Dysfunction (ED) | Gastritis | Gestational Diabetes | Heartburn | High Cholesterol | Hip pain | Hyperthyroidism | Jaundice | Kidney Stones | Lymphedema | Metabolic Syndrome | Migraine | Nausea | Neurological And Brain | Obesity | Sleep Disorders | Women's Health And Pregnancy
Language English
Experience 13
About Me

Goodbye Tension established in 2003.

Jeannine began offering massage in 2003 and after a few years came to realize that a more in depth approach was needed for chronic issues. In 2006 she introduced a specialized fully clothed therapy called PUSH and moved away from traditional massage. In 2012 Jeannine decided to focus on Women and children and by 2013 added Yamuna Body Rolling Table Treatments to complement PUSH Therapy. Around 2014 Jeannine felt more was needed to assist each unique individual and started exploring Tension from the inside out thru Ayurveda. In 2015 Jeannine introduced Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling to address the deeper issues of stress and tension which lead to disease. Her vision for Goodbye Tension has always been to offer the highest quality of service and education so that each client is supported in overall health and well being. When you assist someone in health the world becomes more heathy.

There are many more certifications I have acquired and use the knowledge, when applicable, to create a unique individualized session based on your imbalances. 

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