Dr. Nicole audri Belo,
Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
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Total years in practice: 3

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Dr. Nicole Audri Belo
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Dr. Nicole audri Belo,
Mental Health And Behavior
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Dr. Nicole Audri Belo

Choosing medicine as a profession was mainly guided by the combination of a heart that seeks to serve and an inquisitive mind. Having studied at the University of the Philippines, it was instilled in me to strive to be a multifaceted physician and to extend service especially to the underserved. As a surgery resident, I approach every interaction and every procedure as an opportunity for growth and learning. The medicine allows me to best exercise excellence with compassion and channels it to the service of others.

The past year came with a lot of surprises, to say the least. I struggled with anxiety during the start of the pandemic. I had experienced isolation and grief over the loss of a few colleagues. I saw my peers struggle through the same issues and it was alarming to me how, even as medical doctors, mental health care was not openly discussed nor was it accessible to us. A bold vision of mine is to have a healthier work culture in medicine. This is the reason why I am passionate about this cause and devote time to it through my work with Mind You. I truly believe that we need happier, healthier health care workers because patients deserve the best from us. My role in the service arm of Mind You as the health department liaison is to extend preventative mental health education and care to the health care sector and to other vulnerable populations.

At my core, I am fascinated by and in deep awe of the human experience. I witness it at its best, worst, and most raw forms as a physician. I am privileged to be in a profession that is deeply humanistic in nature and to have the opportunity to enrich it with my proficiency in psychology. Through my unique capacity, I aspire to spread more healing and genuine connection, especially during these trying times.

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