Mr. Donald Hollis, Exercise

Portland, Oregon, United States, 97055

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Practice Name Donald-Hollis
Education Bachelors of Science | Certified Personal Trainer | CPR/AED
Specialties Exercise | |
Conditions Neck Pain | Sleep Disorders
Language English
Experience 3
About Me

Connecting Others to a Successful Lifelong Fitness Journey through Writing and Speaking; Fitness Center Owner; Coach                                                        


I am a detail oriented envisionist. I enjoy finding unique and entertaining ways in which to make something work. I have a passion to teach, train, and mentor. My prior careers in law enforcement have given me a unique set of personality traits and experiences that are irreplaceable, however, my needs on making a difference in the lives of others weren't met in that capacity. 

I made a change in my life that completely changed my perspective on this time we have on Earth. With that, I refocused what I was doing in my life, and wanted to bring this experience to others; those who were blind to the opportunities that I was also missing before making my change.

My passion lies in helping others realize that change isn't a bad thing. That small changes can make a world of difference. I strive to empower others and bring out their self-confidence and ambitious to achieve more. Mentoring, writing, coaching, and speaking are the tools relied upon to bring about change.

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