Jessica Senet,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Years of experience 14

Total years in practice: 14

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Jess senet
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Jessica Senet,
Cervical Spondylosis | Chronic Pain
About me

Hey, I'm Jess!

I am passionate about helping womxn in every stage of motherhood feel strong and comfortable in their own skin. 

As I approach 10 years in this industry, I've worked with hundreds of women through my classes and private sessions just like you.  As a new mom myself,  I COMPLETELY understand the struggle of being a new mom or expecting a new baby and figuring out how to add exercise into a busy schedule.  It's so hard!!

I’m on a mission to change the WOMEN’S FITNESS industry. For prenatal fitness, it’s not about ‘eating for two’ and ‘taking it easy’ anymore. For postpartum fitness, it's not about ‘losing the baby weight’ or the ‘bounce back’ any more. I want to help all moms feel strong from the inside out. I’m so excited that you are taking this journey with me.

Jessica is a CPT, Fit for Birth Corrective Exercise Specialist, Oh BABY Fitness Instructor, CORE + DRA Expert and a graduate of many specialized workshops and seminars in Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness.

My boys are my inspiration. I want to show them their mama is not afraid to take risks and chase after her dreams.


After 10 years living in New York City, I moved home to Toronto over 4 years ago to build Mighty Mom into what it is today.

I’ve taught Mom & Baby classes, private sessions, small groups and most recently launched highly successful online training programs.

My personal experiences with chronic pelvic pain, C birth and a VBAC have helped shape how I  coach other moms and allowed me to approach women’s fitness in my own unique way. My prenatal and postpartum workouts are designed after years of training and personal experience.

I’m so proud of what MIGHTY MOM stands for and am truly honoured when someone chooses to trust me by enrolling in one of my programs. I absolutely love being a part of the process and having a positive effect on someone’s life is the icing on the cake.

I want to thank my whole family for their continued support of Mighty Mom.  I want my boys, Levi and Micah to have a strong female role model to look up to and know that they AND their female peers can do and be anything they want to be.

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