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Amber Martinez
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Holistic Yoga – Tailored for Individuals

Vita Pura Yoga is primarily the concept of yoga as the most comprehensive approach to life and is the true healing method that helps in possible all situations. The RYT Certified instructor called Amber Martinez is located in Sedona (Arizona) is now offering private holistic yoga sessions which are tailored according to the specific needs of an individual.

No matter if you are new to the world of yoga (or you are experienced in this exercise and healing procedure) you will surely reap the benefits of the method. Receiving detailed and personal attention towards every movement and alignment of your body is the key feature of the service provided by Amber. The anatomy and requirement of the human body vary from person to person and thus, Amber tailors her session according to the student’s specific needs. Private holistic yoga can be one of the best compliments to other healing methods like physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic care. It is also a great help in maintaining athletic discipline. If you are willing to heal your body, is new to the world of yoga, or just going for enhancing your experience in Sedona, this holistic yoga session is sure to help you achieve the desired goal.

Who can benefit most from personal holistic yoga?

Precisely, personal holistic yoga is for all body types and all ages.

Amber’s yoga sessions are special as she is an intuitive instructor and maintains her focus on the specific [personal necessities of her students. And doing this successfully she works in customizing the healing practice that suits individual students perfectly. People resort to yoga for various reasons and in most of the times; they switch to yoga when they reach the most crucial point in their lives. Whether one is suffering from any ailment or in vital health, your requirements will be fulfilled by Amber with the deepest level of understanding and sensitivity.

Modern innovation is accompanied by ancient techniques

“What is the basic style of personal holistic yoga?”

If you are already accustomed to the typical western versions of yoga (like the Ashtanga or Vinyasa sessions) you are sure to have totally different experience here in Sedona. Amber was originally trained in one of the classical forms of Hatha yoga and it is one of the very rare things to find in the modern day flow studios.

When you go for a private yoga session with Amber, you will find the absence of the rigid and predesigned set of asana. Every class is different from the other and the intuitive creation of body alignment and movement is made instantly for each student. It will be easy to find the required connection with your own intuitive physical sense and thus, enables you to have the skills to keep your practice innovative all the time. The exceptional feeling is the bonus you are sure to get.

Who are my students?

- Any person who is looking for mental clarity, overall well-being of his or her body, and the spiritual reconnection in their life. 

- The newbie who are willing to jumpstart their health as well as overall well-being without having to go through the yoga sessions held in large studio classes.

- Experienced yogis who know and acknowledge the depth and value of having a session where the teacher interacts with a single student at a time.

- The travelers and visitors coming to Sedona and are willi

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Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez

10 Years experience

Cleanse Toxins and Enliven

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