Natalie Mitlyansky
Chiropractic , Naturopathic Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Years of experience 13

Total years in practice: 13

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Natalie Mitlyansky
Acupuncture Orthopedics | Doctor of Chiropractic | Functional Medicine | Naturopath
Chiropractic | Naturopathic Medicine
Chest Pain
English | Russian
About me

I am chiropractor, naturopath and former MD from Russia. My approach to practice  is holistic, that is why the name of my practice Holistic Chiropractic. I think, you can not help  patient if you do not take into consideration all aspects of human life, well-being and disease.  We are very complex beings, our emotional, spiritual and nutritional  problems  can effect physical condition of the body and wise versa. I use in my office gentle chiropractic, KST-Koren Specific Technique which enables me to find and correct any misalignment in the body , I use NET-Neuro-Emotional Technique to find and correct together with the patient old negative emotions that reside in the body for long period of time and may create physical and mental disease. As a chiropractor I  use massage, myofascial release, acupressure with electrical device-meridian therapy, physical therapy modalities. Beside this, I am pretty sure, we all need some nutritional support. I use whole food supplements and design individual nutritional programs  using Nutrition Response Testing. I am Functional Medicine practitioner and really enjoy working with patients from FM standpoint. 

With help of alternative laboratories, such as Genova Diagnostics, I can pinpoint specific problems and build my treatment plan on  the basis of test results.  A lot of conditions now related to food, seasonal, environmental allergies, so I use NAET-Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique to identify and treat different allergies.  Many of my patients have hormonal , digestive problems.  Our fast life puts a lot of pressure , everyday stress is on the rise. Conventional medicine is effective for the treatment of acute conditions, surgery is appropriate when it is needed, ( I know- I was OBGYN for 18 years),  but  conventional medicine can not really treat chronic conditions. Alternative medicine is the answer to many, many questions.

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