Sue Ansari
Palo Alto, California, United States
Years of experience 20

Total years in practice: 20

Practice Name
Sue Carter Ansari RN, CLT/LANA
Practitioner Name
Sue Ansari
Certified CHIP Instructor | Certified Food for Life Instru | Certified Holistic Health Coac | Certified LY Teacher | Vodder-Certfied MLD Therapist
About me

Sue Ansari, an accomplished registered nurse of more than 40 years, is grounded firmly in the belief of utilizing mind, body and spirit medicine as a complement to traditional medicine. Sue has traveled the country lecturing, organizing events and consulting with organizations and communities, regarding the healing properties of touch, movement and nutrition.
A survivor herself, Sue has developed an international survivorship program for breast cancer survivors, The JOYFIT Project, and is the author of the upcoming books, JOYFOOD and From Oy to JOY, 101 Ways to Banish Breast Cancer Blues. She is the author of Holiday JOYFOOD, Healthy Treats for a Vegan and Gluten-Free Holiday.


Vodder Schule, Austria - Vodder-Certfied MLD Therapist, 2003

Laughter Yoga - Certified LY Teacher, 2005
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute - Raw Food Chef, 2006
Institute for Integrated Nutrition - Certified Holistic Health Coach, 2007

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - Certified Food for Life Instructor, 2012
Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) - Certified CHIP Instructor, 2015

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