Ms. Dena Saedi, Yoga

Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA, USA

 Years of experience  8

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Practice Name dena Saedi Yoga Therapy
Education Certified Health Coach | IAYT Yoga Therapist certified
Specialties Yoga
Conditions Anxiety Disorders | Arthritis | Back Pain | Cancer Care | Fibromyalgia | Migraine
Language English
Experience 8
About Me

I am a yoga therapist who uses mind/body medicine to reduce pain for those who suffer from chronic pain.  I essentially do nervous system rehabilitation which is proven to work.  I do this work to empower individuals to live their lives fully, and learn the tools to self-manage pain with little or no medication.  I am a certified yoga therapist and a certified health coach.  Lifestyle factors like stress, obesity, work-life balance and/or a sedentary lifestyle could contribute to one's pain experience.  I am uniquely qualified to incorporate wellness coaching with my clients.  My service is 100% individualized and perhaps the best option for long-term self-management for those living with pain.  

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