zoe  Lozano,
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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zoe lozano
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zoe Lozano,
Autoimmune Disease
About me

I'm Zoe Lozano, a Certified Nutrition Therapist. I am from Mexico City, and I know that Culture is important, how we eat and how we cook matters.

I studied Marketing and Sciences at Mexico City. I received a Certification on Health, Diet & Nutrition from Ashworth College (Peachtree Corners, Georgia) on 2008 and another Certification from the Health Science Academy an accredited online Nutrition School from UK in 2014. and I am pursuing another certification to become a Functional Nutritionist.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Sjogren Syndrome, An auto-immune disease characterized by dry eyes and dry mouth. Some treatments can help, but this condition can't be cured. There are more than 200,000 cases per year in the USA. The reason I started this website is to help people with my knowledge but also with my personal experience.


I can relate to some of my clients and understand the struggle that is to find the right diet for one's needs, or how to start to lose weight, how to cook healthier and have a healthy plan for every week. I believe that our body's hormones work like an orchestra. When one instrument is out of tune, the entire production struggles to maintain harmony. Each plan is part of influencing the others and determining how well the whole concert works.

I am passionate about helping people to reach their health goals, my client's needs are extremely important to me and I like to treat every single case as unique as possible, because we all are different and we all have different needs, the purpose of Onederful Food is to help you to start healing from the inside out.

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