Joy Saudargas,
Nutrition , Diet Therapy
762 Darby Crescent RoadProspect Park PA 19076
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

Practice Name
The Joy of Nutrition LLC
Practitioner Name
Joy Saudargas,
Nutrition | Diet Therapy
Diabetes: Type I | Weight Problems | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

Joy Saudargas, MA, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Joy provides customized advice and nutritional counseling to a diverse range of individuals with varying needs including weight management, diabetes and prediabetes, clients struggling with disordered eating, women’s’ health, and GI health. She loves to work with clients of all backgrounds and ages using a realistic approach that clients can relate to. Joy also works with children and teenagers with varying concerns from veganism/vegetarianism, disordered eating, and clients who want general knowledge on how to make healthier life choices. 

Joy is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She also works with the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics presenting to doctors, nurses, and medical staff on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of pediatric obesity in our communities. Joy can also be found traveling around to different Acme supermarkets providing information to clients about healthy eating with diabetes.

Coming from an educational background has provided Joy with the skills she needed to work with various types of clients. Before becoming a registered dietitian, Joy taught kindergarten, high school, and preschool. Though she loved it, something inside of her said it was time for a change. She loved teaching, cooking, and talking about food, all of which showed her the path to Immaculata University where she received her Master’s degree and her RD credentialing. Now, Joy is able to use her love of teaching, her in-depth knowledge of medical nutrition therapy, and her creative desire to come up with innovative, delicious recipes to help others create the healthiest lifestyles they can!

When Joy is not busy working with clients, she is actively creating new recipes for her husband to “test out”. She also loves spending time with her dog, boating, being in nature, going to the gym, and daydreaming.

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