Talya Lutzker
Ayurveda , Nutrition
2888 Sandy Ln Santa Cruz, California 95062
Years of experience 19

Total years in practice: 19

Practitioner Name
Talya Lutzker
Ayurveda | Nutrition
Anxiety Disorders | Depression | Gastritis | Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) | Gastrointestinal
About me

Hi! I’m Talya and the heart behind Talya’s Kitchen. Talya’s Kitchen is about so much more than food; it’s a place to drink up deep nourishment for the heart and soul of who you are. It’s a sanctuary for embracing the life-changing power of Ayurveda and how Ayurvedic remedies can up-level your health, wholeness and joy. Your kitchen is the roost of your home; digestion is the root of your health. That’s at the core of Ayurveda’s 5000 year-old teachings, and why the way you nurture yourself is such a big deal. I’m committed to helping you treasure and safeguard yourself, no matter what kind of diet or lifestyle you keep. And after my own experience of suffering physically and emotionally, I believe in Ayurveda wholeheartedly. Here’s why… Almost 20 years ago, despite a strong interest in yoga, health and exercise, I found myself lost, depressed, overweight and deeply out of balance. I discovered Ayurveda – India’s holistic health care system and sister science to yoga – when I became a yoga teacher in 2001. But it didn’t really hit home until I was desperate for a natural solution to how messed up I was and how awful I felt. When I was at my yoga teacher training, I broke out in an angry, itchy rash that covered giant patches of my body. It arrived completely out of the blue, I didn’t see it coming, and I was scared. Not only was I racked with inflammation and scratching bouts that routinely left me bleeding for months, I received a serious autoimmune diagnosis as the psoriasis spread across my body. I lived with chronic digestive issues, hormone imbalance and emotional instability. I found Ayurveda because I was on an urgent mission to find natural means that would heal me. I knew there was something beyond the western medical route that would only offer pharmaceutical drugs as a solution. When I met my Ayurvedic practitioner, I felt seen to my core. When she explained my Ayurvedic body type to me, so many things I’d been through and experienced suddenly made sense. I no longer felt like there was so much wrong with me. And although I was out of balance physically, I felt confident that Ayurveda – a simple, common sense system I could learn, understand and apply – would legitimately support me.

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