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Stephanie Zgraggen
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Hi I’m Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, CNS, CCN, Founder and Clinical Director of Lime and Lotus, LLC in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I'm so happy we've connected! My Story I know from personal experience that food and lifestyle decisions have a massive effect on one’s health. As a youngster and teenager, I ate anything and everything EXCEPT the foods that I now know to be good for me. Virtually every day I had 2 hours of soccer practice after school, so my weight was never an issue. Because of that fact, I thought I could eat whatever I wanted to eat. I even remember coming home from soccer practice to sit down and drink a huge glass of milk and eat an entire sleeve of packaged chocolate chip cookies before my dinner! I didn’t understand the importance of eating well consistently until I started to suffer the consequences of my actions. It all started to catch up to me in college. Suddenly my period was no longer the regular companion that I had learned to accept. It instead began to act its vengeance on my body. I suffered from terrible pre-menstrual symptoms - extreme bloating, horrible cramps that kept me in bed for one-two days, migraines with nausea and vomiting, and an exceptionally heavy flow. My cycle became so bad that I actually planned my life around my period by skipping fun events, or not even leaving the house during those days. After a visit to my medical doctor, he stated that my laboratory tests were “normal” but I did have a few small ovarian cysts. He recommended that I be prescribed birth control pills to help regulate my cycle, although he said this option may not even fix my problems. He also said that if that didn’t work I could always have surgery. I did not like either of those options, and thus began my quest to balance my hormones naturally and put my education to work. I had my own hormones tested and found my cortisol levels to be higher than normal and my estrogen and progesterone ratios were out of balance. I decided to make some changes to my diet, add a few whole food supplements and one herbal remedy to my regimen and within 6 months was a completely different person during my period. I now had more energy, I was less irritable, and my period no longer ruled my life! My mission is to help women reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. I want you to feel sexy, vital, and balanced, which means getting your weight right where you want it, getting your energy and sex drive maximized, and doing it all naturally and safely. I teach as many women as I can get my hands on that their hormones don’t have to ruin their lives and I show them how to take back control of their health and their bodies.

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