Stephanie Kuehne, ACN
Chiropractic , Nutrition + 3
Sugar Land, TX, USA
Years of experience 1

Total years in practice: 1

Practice Name
Ooh wow nutrition
Practitioner Name
Stephanie Kuehne, ACN
Chiropractic | Nutrition | Integrative Medicine
Diabetes: Type I | Thyroid Health
About me

Stephanie Kuehne, A.C.N., is a clinical nutritionist who has been treating patients through a holistic-focused care approach. Currently, she owns Ooh Wow Nutrition and, with her own personal experience with weight, hormone imbalance and cystic acne, helps her patients utilize functional nutrition and believes that nature is the medicine cabinet we all should utilize more often. Stephanie enjoys trying new workout experiences and considers herself and her husband (who is a chiropractor) to be self-proclaimed “health geeks!”

Experienced Nutritionist with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and Chiropractic industry. Skilled in Coaching, Naturopathy, Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Dietary Supplements. Strong clinical professional graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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