Shana Driscoll,
Hawaii, USA
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

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Shana driscoll
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Shana Driscoll,
Healthy Aging | Weight Problems
About me

 have been a Montessori teacher for the past 25 years. Alongside that I have studied nutrition and also a personal trainer. I help people get their health back focusing from the inside out, with nutritional cleansing. I do this through a scientifically proven nutrition system program used by a company that I am partnered with that is easy for people to incorporate. The nutritional program can target fat loss/weight loss, lean muscle gain, healthy aging, and even increased performance. We have a massive supportive community made of people of all walks of life who are using these systems. Along with the nutrition, the company has also released the top marine type 1 collagen that has several benefits and everyone is living their results. The company does not claim to cure any diseases but when the program is used it has helped people with a lot of health issues. My goal is to share these proven systems to better one’s health. 

I have a bachelor degree in social sciences and a masters degree in education. My main passion is health and wellness and to show people how what we put in our bodies is crucial. Nutrition is key and it is hard to get that from our good sources today and that is why supplementation is important.

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