Priyanka lachhiramka Shah,
Kolkata, West Bengal
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

Practice Name
Priyanka Lachhiramka shah
Practitioner Name
Priyanka lachhiramka Shah,
Diabetes: Type II
About me

A clinical nutritionist with an experience spanning a decade. Training paramedicals and delivering lectures on healthy living. Have been instrumental in adding values to the products launched and projects initiated. Trained over 1200 paramedics on personalized patient/consumer care and counseling.

Responsible for Diabetes and its Management Counseling (OPD & IPD)- Path physiology, Insulin Administration/ Oral Antidiabetic Agents, Diet, Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG), Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS), Foot Care, Sick Day Management and Gestational diabetes patients.

• Responsible for nutrition counseling for patients joining for Weight Management Program.

• Working as Nutrition Advisor for Executive Health Checkups – Chronic Degenerative Diseases.

• Conducting patient meets, workshops, support groups, cooking classes on various topics for improving awareness and educating patients.

Diet counseling and lifestyle management to diabetic patients through various programs like "Sparsh" and "COED" launched by my company. SPARSH is a national patient support program, aiming at patient education, improving compliance to therapy and disease management for Diabetes, through telephone based counseling in 13 languages.

- Training 20 team leaders and 130 counselors for SPARSH thereby reaching more Than 90,000 people across India.

- Monitoring quality of consumer care and outcomes through random call audits.

Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation program- an electronic portal developed by the Asia Diabetes Foundation (ADF) and contains templates to guide patient data collection during screening for diabetes complications and at each review visit.

- worked closely with internal and external teams in implementing JADE in over 5clinics across the state.

- Trained medical practitioners to maintain patient data and sensitized othem to ensure data quality.

- Closely partnered with marketing team to identify key areas of opportunity for metabolic division.

• Standardized Indian recipes (northeast andRajasthan) software database.

• Helped in Developing patient education

Posters pertaining to management of Diabetes, interactive games to improve healthy diet acceptance and compliance through self realization.

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