Nicara Penna
Nutrition , Diet Therapy
Mackay, QLD, Australia
Years of experience 1

Total years in practice: 1

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Nicara Penna
Practitioner Name
Nicara Penna
Nutrition | Diet Therapy
Weight Problems
About me

I believe in a diet consisting of whole and real foods. I work with clients to provide them with new healthy habits that can be maintained. I focus on the long term health of each client. I focus on incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in each clients daily diet and avoiding highly or over processed foods. I have a great respect for the healthy food pyramid and will refer clients back to this when considering their nutritional daily intake. I will assist with gut health and digestion, meal planning, food suggestions and food logs. I will discuss with clients their optimal healthy weight range and how this can have an impact on your general health and wellbeing.

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