Marietta Amatangelo
Nutrition , Integrative Medicine + 3
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Years of experience 20

Total years in practice: 20

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2 Nourish Nutrition
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Marietta Amatangelo
Nutrition | Integrative Medicine | Diet Therapy
Cancer Care | Indigestion | Weight Problems
About me

Marietta Amatangelo, MS,RDN, LDN.
I've been in practice for 25+ years as a Registered Dietitian. Presently,I practice as an integrative nutritionist/dietitian. I work in a naturopathic manner. A number of my professional years were in western medicine Nutrition in various settings, and locations, (Washington, DC, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Indiana), hospitals, nursing homes, etc. I've also taught at the college level at Purdue University, George Washington University, and Montgomery College.

The last 14 years have been in Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching. Most clients/patients come for digestive issues, cancer diagnosis, autoimmune conditions or Reiki. However, my practice is not limited to the conditions just stated. I think that no matter what health condition is manifesting, the gut is always involved. Hippocrates, (the father of medicine) says, "All disease begins in the gut". I say, an out of balance gut means, out of balance health!

Integrative medicine marries the science of evidence based nutrition while addressing the whole person: mind, body spirit. In the last 6 years, I've had over 200 training hours as a Health coach and motivational interviewing.

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