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Ivana Locke
Anxiety Disorders | Depression | Weight Problems
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Ivana Locke is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Weight Loss Coach and Wellness Expert. Her company – Ivana Locke Nutrition + Wellness – grew out of her passion for health, nutrition and overall wellness. Ivana provides one-on-one support to men and women who want to achieve their goals and live a quality life. Her approach is practical and always optimistic as she guides her clients towards a healthier path through best nutrition and wellness practices. The knowledge and experience Ivana has received has been her springboard to a deeper understanding of her client’s nutritional needs. She is an alumni of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2016) and in 2018 she complemented her studies with the Precision Nutrition Certification in Exercise Training. Through special interest, Ivana received her certification as a Holistic Cancer Practitioner from the Edison Institute of Nutrition. She is also an honorary graduate of the Culinary Nutrition Expert program from the Academy of Culinary nutrition where she learned to cook and create “healtified” versions of her favorite foods. By doing so, she has transformed her family’s health and lifesytle. She shares all of her recipes on her website here. With her popular signature weight loss program – Metabolic Balance® -- Ivana has helped many of her clients develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life. Ivana believes good health is the gateway to a good life. She is always honored to be a part of every one of her clients’ journey to achieving amazing transformations and improved health. Whether you want to lose weight, feel healthy, increase energy levels, or simply eat better, Ivana can help you become the best, healthiest version of yourself.

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