Terrie Pugh,
Dublin, Ireland
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Humble Gut
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Terrie Pugh,
Constipation | Heartburn | Joint Pain
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I’m Terrie!

Nutritional Therapist at Humble Gut

As a busy career-driven young mum, I found myself looking after my customers better than I was looking after myself. 

Eventually, my health hit an all-time low and my weight an all-time high. something had to change. 

For years I went back and forward to doctors getting various tests, which always came back negative for anything sinister and I was labeled with the umbrella term of “IBS”, given medications, and told to live with it. At one point I was even given medications for anxiety! 

The gut houses its very own nervous system ( enteric system) which communicates to the brain via the Vagus nerve, so it’s no surprise if the gut is very upset, it is going to send distress signals to the brain and vice versa and these can mimic some of the symptoms of anxiety. Your gut is also home to trillions of bacteria. 

When these are not balanced it can contribute to all kinds of health issues such as ‘bad’ bacteria and parasite overgrowth, weight issues, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, mood/hormone imbalance, and immune dis-function. This imbalance may also lead to low energy, skin issues, and a wide range of other health issues, with a general feeling of no zest for life.  

This back and forth and trials of numerous medications and strong painkillers went on for several years until I found a doctor who investigated further and booked me for the correct tests. 

The tests revealed I had a parasite in my gut and so I began a triple therapy antibiotic program. At the same time, I saw a nutritional therapist who helped me recognize how poor my digestion was performing and which foods were contributing to it. She educated me on how to change not only diet but my lifestyle too, including the impact of getting quality sleep and removing stress. 

My life changed. No more setting off to work feeling tight in my skirt suit, getting uncomfortable with bloating and lethargy by lunch, and in agony driving home with my skirt zipped down to ease the pressure, topped with the added anxiety of needing to get back quickly for the bathroom.  

Instead, the combined approach of medically eradicating the parasite and the nutritional therapy that re-balanced a healthy gut led me to feel the best I had ever felt. 

I quickly lost the two stone I was holding onto and didn't require any further medications. Learning about how digestion and the gut works fascinated me, especially as I first handily experienced how good I felt, which prompted me to go on and study nutrition. 

I qualified as a nutrition and wellness coach, changed careers and while coaching and supporting others on their gut health, I went on to study nutritional science and therapeutics with IINH.ie. 

I graduated in 2020 with a distinction in clinical practice. So now, I am registered with NTOI, the professional association supporting qualified Nutritional Therapists of Ireland. 

I get to dig deeper and get to the butt (pun intended!) of the gut issues of others and help them say goodbye to health problems like:



-joint pain

-general tummy upset 

Through my work and sharing what I know, my clients lose weight, have more energy, get better sleep and finish our time together with an overall feeling of vitality.

Now I know if I have ‘off’ days, I simply listen to my body and use the tools that I have learned, and get back to feeling good quickly.

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