Grace Carey,
England, United Kingdom
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Total years in practice: 2

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Grace Carey-Caton Nutrition and Wellness
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Grace Carey,
Hormone Health
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Grace Carey

My clinic is Essex (Epping) based however I also often see clients virtually online. In addition to my own practice with clients, I am the In-House Nutritionist at The Times Hotel of The Year Birch. I additionally hold nutrition events & workshops and write articles & publications.


I know how it feels to be in your position; for your health to feel it is spiraling out of your control. My journey into Nutrition started very similarly to how many of my clients start. In 2014, in what felt at the time very sudden my own digestive and hormone health began to rapidly decline. My symptoms started with digestive discomfort and eventually lead to an abundance of a new and challenging range of symptoms from acne, persistent gut pain, dysmenorrhea, iron deficiency, fatigue, low mood, and so on. Following months and months of medical investigation and various attempts with medical treatments with no results I was at a loss but was determined to take action into my own hands.

When I started my own research into natural alternatives, I could never have imagined the role nutrition would have on my health and my life. The more I learned the more interested I became, and this is what lead me to change my career path and study to become a Nutritionist at The College of Naturopathic Medicine.

During my time studying which included 1 year of Biomedical studies, 2 years of Nutrition studies, and 200 hours of clinical experience, as I put into practice what I learned, my health began to transform and I eventually felt the best I ever had.

My own experience and the ability to have turned my health around is what gives me my passion and drive to make changes and support others to reclaim their wellness and take control of their gut & hormone health.

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