Dona maria Mesmar,
United Arab Emirates
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

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DM Nutrition
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Dona maria Mesmar,
Weight Problems
About me

Dona Maria, but you can call me Dona. I’m a nutritionist and certified fitness instructor based in Dubai. Been working as a nutrition consultant here since 2013.

I know this section ABOUT should be about myself and what I did in life bla bla bla but I’d like to actually tell you why I’m here… (and If you want to know more about me, you can just scroll down)

It annoys me to see the large false amount of information online about food and nutrition… It puts the subject of weight loss and fitness in a maze of conflicting advice…

There are a lot of theories and many diet plans out there that you can just follow: Keto, juice detox, some weird name diets… you name it. I’m not saying these don’t work. You may lose weight following such diets but the success rate is 10% as 90% of people gain back the weight they lost. They may work for SOME people but NOT everyone.

Our bodies are different. If your friend tried the X diet that worked for him/ her, it doesn’t mean that it would be successful for you as well. Each person has a different body type and needs.

After seeing many people failing to achieve their body goals: very slow weight loss, re-gaining weight after a diet, not getting those abs… I decided to combine my experience and scientific knowledge to help you guys achieve your body goals whether you just want to lose weight, do a full-body transformation, or see those packs and lines.

Anyone can get to their goals with the right diet plan, training, and mindset.

All you need is a proper direction, consistency, and motivation and you’re good to go. Not hard.

Dona Maria’s Credentials

Bachelors in Nutrition & Dietetics – American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Masters in Human Nutrition – McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Fitness Instructor Training Certification (Specialty: individual conditioning), YMCA, Quebec

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