Total years in practice: 5

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Christine Hansen
Anxiety Disorders | Sleep Disorders
About me

I’m Christine Hansen, AKA The Sleep Boss. And I help high-achievers like you (the CEO’s, top performing entrepreneurs and athletes of this world) sleep a minimum of 7 hours straight within weeks (sometimes even days). Your big problem? You’re really good at solving problems. That’s what people pay you the big bucks for.(whether it’s in a complex financial analysis, finding the magical algorithm to Facebook Ads or your body's sweet spot for its best performance) But . . . trying to solve your sleep problem ain’t your boathouse (right? Right! Otherwise you’d be sleeping just fine by now). So, how about outsourcing what’s not in your zone of genius? Perhaps if you did . . .. . . your expensive, sucking-the-life-out-o’-ya sleeping problem (did you know, bad sleep makes you perform 5% faster and 9% more accurately?) would be solved quicker than you can say [insert name of sleeping pills you’re currently swallowing].

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