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Annie Noh
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Annie Noh, BPhed, Certified CH Therapist, Owner Through my own experiences, I have become a firm believer that healing starts from within and that proper digestion is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have a passion for educating others in helping them achieve optimal health and for increasing awareness of complementary/alternative therapies. In 2013 I decided to open up a clinic that focuses on holistic digestive healing and is proud to introduce the state of the art Angel of Water unit which offers the most comfortable and effective colonic irrigation experience for clients. I am dedicated to creating a pleasant experience for all clients who visit the clinic and provide a friendly, warm and professional environment. My experience makes me compassionate and understanding which allows clients to feel relaxed and taken care of. I completed my Certified Colon Therapy Training through The Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre, which provides the most comprehensive and advanced clinical training course in colon therapy. In addition, I am a Certified Bio Meridian Technician and have completed my courses at the Canadian School of Holistic Nutrition.

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