Amber Wantworth,
Texas City, TX, USA
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amber wantworth
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Amber Wantworth,
Corporate Wellness
About me

 I'm Amber. I'm a published romance writer, recipe creating food lover, and a keto/Intermittent fasting enthusiast. After experiencing the health benefits of the keto way of life firsthand, I want to help and inspire others to achieve their goals by sharing my journey, tips, encouragement, and of course, keto/low carb food. I focus on delicious and satisfying low carb/keto recipes with a Texas twist. With this lifestyle, you should never feel deprived!

i’ve done a lot of research, watched videos, and have read every book about keto I could get my hands on this past year. I’ve learned a ton. Between that and personally benefiting from keto, I want everyone to know what I’ve learned and experience what I have. I want to shout it from the rooftops that keto exists and that it’s so much better than the crappy and miserable low fat/low calorie “diets” we’re still told to follow thanks to big pharma, the food industry, and the government! Money is a great influencer!

I feel motivated to help others on their journey to living a healthier life free of food addiction and deprivation. A way of eating that can be sustained for a lifetime! I hope you will stick around and join the journey to a better life.

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