Rajat Sharma
Ayurveda , Herbal Therapy + 6
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Years of experience 8

Total years in practice: 8

Practice Name
Swadeshi Ayurveda/ Chronic Disease Management Centre
Practitioner Name
Rajat Sharma
Ayurveda | Herbal Therapy | Holistic Medicine | Meditation | Naturopathic Medicine | Nutrition
Abdominal Bloating | Acne | ADHD/ADD | Alzheimer’s Disease | Anemia | Back Pain | Chest Pain | Cough
English | Hindi | Panjabi
About me

Hailing from the family of Ayurvedic Doctors,I have seen and been in the field of Holistic Health care system of Ayurveda since Childhood.I have seen my Grandfather make Ayurvedic medicines and prescribe them to patients. Inspired by this I got interested in this field very early in life.

I got formal education at Dabur Dhanwantry Hospital and did Intern in branches like Ayurvedic Medicine,Surgery etc.I also underwent Special trainings like Diet,Nutrition,Naturopathy,Yoga therapy,Medical Astrology& Panchkarma.I was also selected  to learn Panchkarma under National Academy of Ayurveda [Govt .Of India].I have worked with many Ayurvedic health care system providers in India,like Maharishi Ayurveda, the only one which offers and imparts this great knowledge ,provides System of medicine in its entirety be it Panchkarma, Quality -effective medicines, Lifestyle & Rituals etc.I have spent many years seeing people enjoying Balanced Health through Ayurveda.I have traveled to different countries to teach and prescribe Ayurveda to Public, health care professionals. I try to make people aware about Health benefits of Natural Lifestyle, medicines.Presently, I run an Ayurvedic center named “chronic disease management center of Ayurveda’ .I assess Health seeker’s detailed medical history, Pulse [ wherever possible], parameters of health & diseases according to Ayurveda. I help them by educating about Diet, Lifestyle,relevant Ayurvedic medicine, Panchkarma therapies and Yoga therapy.

I am currently managing Chronic diseases like Respiratory, Digestive,Reproductive diseases, Blood sugar, Blood pressure, Obesity &High cholesterol, Liver-Kidney related problems, Piles, Skin Problems, allergies ,Immunity, Joint pains ,Improving Quality of Life in Cancer patients, Depression etc.

A practitioner of Transcendental Meditation ,I believe in Ayurvedic Quote -“ One should be able to apply knowledge in the field of education one has got and share it with everyone.

I wish everybody" best of health".

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