Amie Skilton,
Naturopathic Medicine
New South Wales, Australia
Years of experience 19

Total years in practice: 19

Practice Name
The Wellness Revolution
Practitioner Name
Amie Skilton,
Naturopathic Medicine
High Blood Pressure | Hormone Health | Infertility | Skin Diseases | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

Amie Skilton

I was born a Naturopath.

From the time I could think, walk and speak I was naturally drawn to and intuitively expressed all that is natural medicine. I was in the garden picking plants and herbs, often mixing them into creams (in sea shells no less!) and applying them to anyone who stood still long enough. I’m told that as a child I would also massage away the pain (after a long day at Disneyland my Nana’s feet were very grateful for this). I’m embarrassed and somewhat mortified to admit that I also used to draw little colored circles on paper, cut them out, and then offer them up as medicine!

As soon as I was old enough to read I collected and devoured books on vitamins, essential oils, crystals, yoga, massage, and herbal medicine. Anything that had anything to do with natural healing. Essentially I have been learning my craft for as long as I remember – completely unaware that there was such a thing as a Naturopath, or you could make a living being one. 

But at 17, I knew. I saw an ad in the local newspaper for a qualification in Naturopathy. The list of modalities underneath captured everything I knew, loved, lived, and breathed – and in that instant, my true calling made itself known.

Another Naturopath changed everything.

At around the same time, in an interesting chain of events, my little sister had suffered some serious health problems and was in the process of being healed – by a Naturopath no less! At the age of just 10, she had the first of several strokes… or at least that was how it appeared. She was in and out of the hospital, and in and out of a wheelchair, with no apparent cause (and therefore treatment) insight. Sadly, when the doctors ran out of ideas they sent her to a psychologist thinking it was all in her head. Now I was only young too but there is no way a child could, or would even know how to, fake a stroke – especially as doctors deliberately tried to elicit a pain response from my sister’s paralyzed leg.

Having run out of options, and no doubt at her wit’s end, my Mum took my sister to a Naturopath by the name of Brad Crouch. It turned out her strokes were actually TIAs (transient ischaemic attacks) and he was able to connect them to the migraines she suffered, which were brought on by multiple food allergies, which were caused by the leaky gut (she had chronic tummy problems as a child), which were as a result of the giardia she was carrying that appeared to have been contracted as a baby in Singapore where she was born!

Brad eradicated the giardia, treated her leaky gut (I particularly remember the slippery elm powder!) and my sister went from being sick all the time (and allergic to almost everything except iceberg lettuce and white rice) to a ‘normal human being. There was no greater proof that all diseases, conditions, and suffering have some cause – more often than not identifiable – and treating the cause was the answer to restoring health and wellbeing.

My Mission Is

  • to enlighten you as to exactly what is going on in your own body and why

  • to educate you with what you personally need to know and understand about your own health and wellbeing, and ultimately

  • to empower you to take responsibility for your own personal level of wellness and heal yourself

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