Sue Hardman
Naturopathic Medicine
Nelspruit Area, South Africa 1200
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

Practitioner Name
Sue Hardman
Naturopathic Medicine
Anxiety Disorders | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Depression | Hashimoto's Thyroiditis | Hyperthyroidism | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | Weight Problems | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

Sue Hardman Why do I do what I do? My hope is that I will motivate, inspire and guide you on your journey of renewal and rejuvenation. I believe we’re always capable of choosing differently – everyday. You can read tips about “what to do” to improve your health everywhere. But the hard part is turning these tips into easy, healthy habits that fit YOUR life. You need simple, step-by-step changes that deliver REAL results. What is your training and qualifications? I graduated with a BSc – chemistry in 1997, and later I also completed a HDE and a Diploma in Marketing (UNISA). I qualified as a Naturopath & Herbalist in 2008 and managed my naturopathic practise in London from 2009 until 2014, when we relocated to South Africa. My background and experiences enables me to relate easily to women from a variety of backgrounds – professionals in the corporate world, working mums, busy housewives or solo-business women. I worked in the corporate world for 20 years and now manage a private practise juggling work and taking care of my son. I am a practitioner member of the Natural Healers Association. I combine a functional medicine approach alongside my training in both Western and Ayurvedic herbal medicine when working with clients. Do you specialise? You may be struggling with low energy, tiredness, mood swings, and problem skin (e.g. acne), digestive issues (constipation, IBS, candida, parasites) often women suffer in silence when there are natural solutions to help them. I’ve also helped women who were struggling with female health issues & hormonal imbalances like PMT (period pain, heavy periods, bloating & cravings), PCOS, Fibroids, Menopause and thyroid issues. My approach uses integrated natural therapies – food, lifestyle and herbal medicine and my goal is to work with you to create a programme that is tailored and personalised around your unique needs to help you feel healthier, vibrant and more in balance – every month, for the whole month. So that’s the serious stuff, and here’s a little more to give you an insight ….. I came to being a Naturopath in my 40’s, a bit of a late-starter stepping into this amazing world of natural health. I used to believe that I was keeping healthy by doing a lot of intense exercise (marathons and bi-athalons), eating some veg, and taking some vitamins. It all changed when I was in my late-late 30’s when I wanted to pursue work that was more aligned with my values and we’d decided to start a family. One of the reasons I wanted to mention these decisions is because I started changing my health destiny in my late 30’s, later than some and earlier than others. There is no wrong or right when it comes to making that decision. I’ll always be on a journey of discovery and renewal, hopefully making choices that help me be a healthier and better version as I go along. Family Older mum Family I had my son just before I turned 41, and I want to be able to share what helped me to become a healthier version of myself – then (age 39) and now (age 51). We are continually in a state of renewal, lets focus on our physical bodies for now. Much like a farmer (close to my heart these days) you need to provide the best conditions for optimal health and wellbeing. The farmer does this by focusing on the condition of the soil, providing enough water and adjusting each of these through fertilisation and irrigation to generate an optimal harvest. In fact older trees are often replanted in better soil so that they go on to be healthier productive trees. Ageing is inevitable, however your biological age – how old your physical body is – can have very little to do with the age on your birth certificate. Research in Epigenetics shows that many factors contribute to lowering your body’s biological age; and most of these factors have nothing to do with your genes and everything to do with your lifestyle choices. Having good health is a very precious thing and in order to thrive on every level we need to nourish ourselves with the best food, mindset and exercise that suits our individual needs. Once you’re on track with eating a healthy diet and exercising you also need to consider how you’re managing your stress? Do you have that something that motivates and gets you up in the mornings? Just some of the ‘other’ things that can help make us happier and healthier.

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