Samantha Van de wal,
Naturopathic Medicine
ontario toronto
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Samantha Van De Wal
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Samantha Van de wal,
Naturopathic Medicine
Hormone Health
About me

Samantha Van De Wal is a certified hormone nutritionist studying to become a naturopathic doctor. She runs a clinical practice with a focus on women’s hormonal health, seeing women virtually for PCOS, infertility, and PMS. Through her own journey, she has identified the root cause of her IBS, reversed her cystic acne and irregular periods, and has helped other women balance their hormones with food, vitamins, herbs, and lifestyle changes. In this episode, listeners find out what exactly PCOS is and what the symptoms are as Samantha explains the different criteria and how to get a formal diagnosis. She also has some tips for changes in diet and lifestyle that could be beneficial for those with hormonal imbalances, including three meals per day and managing stress levels. She talks us through the pros and cons of coffee, intermittent fasting, and HIIT and reminds us that we can’t trust everything we see on social media 

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