Nick Dale
Naturopathic Medicine
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Total years in practice: 5

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Nick Dale
Naturopathic Medicine
Anxiety Disorders | Back Pain | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Depression | Mental Health And Behavior | Migraine | Skin Diseases | Sleep Disorders | Stress | Weight Problems | Women's Health and Pregnancy
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Nick Dale, Naturopath Helping Revitalize Your Health My first visit to a Naturopath when I was in my early 20s was dramatic, so much so that I gave up my career at the time and retrained over the next six years to become a Naturopath. I trained in Australia, where I practiced for 25 years, and over the last few years have been practicing in Eye, Suffolk, since returning to the UK. I am also the Resident Naturopath for BBC Radio Suffolk, and was on national TV in Australia (in relation to a handbook I wrote on the subject of tiredness and fatigue), as well as featuring in the media on various subjects. I have seen over 20,000 people in consultation. Many people come to see me with unexplained tiredness and a host of associated symptoms. I use iridology to help identify the underlying causes and problems, and then with a combination of complimentary therapies (eg homeopathy, herbs, nutritional medicine/vitamins/minerals) create a personalized program to help correct these.

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