Dr. Maya ridoux Sweeney, Naturopathic Medicine

2-16 Glenmore Rd, Paddington Sydney, Australia 2021

 Years of experience  20

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Specialties Naturopathic Medicine
Conditions Anxiety Disorders | Depression | Stress
Language English
Experience 20
About Me Maya Ridoux Sweeney, Adv dip Hom, Reiki Master My Passion is to guide you to better health using my unique 'Sacred Healing Sessions' along with your personal commitment to wellness. Ultimately you are the healer and I am here to hold supportive space and share my knowledge, I am here to help you help yourself! Love it!? My personal journey is not unlike most, full of stress, maxed out Anxiety Disorders, holding on to grief and trauma. As a true sensitive and em-path life at times feels magnified by tenfold, what I have found is by supporting myself with Homeopathy and Healing through-out my life, I have been able to manage and overcome my hardships without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and find the cause of my issues. This allowed me to get to know myself intimately, not always pretty, non-the less I like myself more for it. My mother introduced me to natural therapies and it was a staple in my childhood, thanks mum! The desire to learn about the mysteries of plant kingdom and how humans can heal themselves was a natural progression for me. After many years of self-taught discoveries, it was time to learn from the masters. By the time I was 26 yrs old I had a Diploma in body Therapies and my Masters in Reiki and was blessed to be working full time doing what I loved. At age 39 I completed my Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy in 2011 which took my practice to the next level. I am also a registered member with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society which allows you to claim with Private Health Funds. Being part of this community drives me to always grow and continuing education. My Services are a combination of Homeopathy and Healing as I believe that balancing the mind, body and spirit when addressing health issues gives deeper, lasting results and resolves at the cause of the issue. Some common issues I see in my practice, but not limited to are: Anxiety Disorders AND PANIC - DEPRESSION AND GRIEF - HORMONAL IMBALANCE - RELATIONSHIP BREAKDOWN - EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY - EXHAUSTION AND OVERWHELM

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