Mark Stengler
Naturopathic Medicine
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Mark Stengler
Naturopathic Medicine
Anxiety Disorders | Stress
About me

Like you, Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD, was once looking for an alternative. Even before he became a celebrated Naturopathic Medicineic Medical Doctor he knew there was something critically wrong with the conventional medicine approach to treating illness. But it was after watching a loved one fall victim to that broken system that he finally realized that what’s actually missing from the mainstream drugs-and-surgeries approach is a massive lack of balance. He also realized that his true calling was in medicine as a Naturopathic Medicineic Medical Doctor. Dr. Stengler’s not your typical doctor. Not by a long shot. He stands out in a crowd, because, unlike most conventional doctors, his carefully constructed medical training was all about balance. He received extensive training in both conventional medicine and natural alternatives. What this fusion means for you, of course, is that when you make an appointment with this Naturopathic Medicineic Medical Doctor in San Diego you’re getting the perfect combination of advanced modern technology and powerful time-tested traditional therapies. This balanced approach means you get the very best medical care, and the safest long-term treatments, available. He is licensed to practice as a Naturopathic Medicineic

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