Lilias Ahmeria
Naturopathic Medicine
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Lilias Ahmeria
Naturopathic Medicine
Autism Spectrum Disorders | Stress
About me

Meet Your Practitioner In twenty years of practice I have seen and heard most things, some tragic and desperately sad, others heart warming, illuminating and hilarious. Whatever you have to share you will have my utmost attention and a sincere desire to help you find the best outcome. She was one of the first to introduce her areas of work as she came across them to the UK. Being the first accredited magnet therapist in the country, then introducing and drawing attention to other unknown at the time, fields such as Electronic Gem Therapy, Thoughtfield Therapy, Autonomic Response Testing and now she is introducing to the UK new Quantum technologies. No stranger to press, Lilias is well known to the media for her cutting edge techniques. Her opinions have been aired on BBC1 Breakfast News, and many other programmes, the Radio and in countless magazines and newspapers. She has run international practices in central London and Aberdeen and had clients referred to her by respected Harley Street specialists, Physio’s and Doctors. Lilias is now relaunching her practice in green and leafy Somerset and is bringing the same enthusiasm and expertise to her work there.

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