Ms. Lauren Jane, Naturopathic Medicine


Specialties Naturopathic Medicine
Conditions Gastrointestinal | Stress | Weight Problems | Women's Health And Pregnancy
Language English
Experience 10
About Me My name is Lauren Jane and I'm a Naturopath. My curiosity and passion for health and wellness began 15 years ago when commencing my studies in Psychology. After completing the degree, I soon found myself wondering how far we could truly get with psychological counselling if our physical health and vitality were stunted. Enrolling in Naturopathy gave me what felt like the missing puzzle piece and after a few years of clinical experience, I took off overseas to work in a prestigious health resort to learn more. Four incredible, insightful and educational years later, I was contacted to join the Happy Healthy You team which is who I now work with full time. Today, being a Naturopath is integral to who I am and my purpose is to share the experience and knowledge I have with others in hopes to support and facilitate their personal journey. I believe that balance and tuning into our body's innate wisdom is key to health and happiness.

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